You guys! This is so exciting. If you're my age and have a weird fascination with true crime it's probably because of Unsolved Mysteries.

For those of you that don't know, Unsolved Mysteries was hosted by the velvety voiced, Robert Stack, and used interviews and recreations of real events to showcase unsolved crimes, disappearances, paranormal activities, and so on. You can see an example of Robert Stack's great work above. Doesn't that just take you back? And give you chills?

I remember as a kid, this show legit scared me. But, I still loved it.

The show first aired in 1987 and had different variations on multiple networks until 2010. Now, the show will get the Netflix treatment. This time around, however, there will be no host. Also, we're going international. Some of the new unsolved mysteries will be from all over the world.

The show has a history of helping solve cases so maybe Netflix's worldwide reach can help solve some more mysteries.

Unsolved Mysteries premieres on Netflix on July 1. Did I mention the new series is from the producers of Stranger Things? So, they went from making up mysteries to telling us about real-life ones. Either way, I'm all in.

So, grab the popcorn and maybe keep a light on while you binge-watch this one.

I don't know about you, but the new trailer has me all kinds of excited!

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