Being a truck driver would be a super hard job, between long days away from home, dealing with traffic, terrible drivers deadlines, and don't forget weather conditions. I have a ton of respect for these men and women who do their best to make sure we all have access to products we need in our favorite stores.

I am someone who gives semi trucks a lot of space and If I see one about to turn I try to give them as much space as humanly possible, anything to make their job easier. Have you ever seen the high-profile vehicle warnings on the Blatnik or Bong Bridge due to high winds? That is the first thing I thought of after watching this video. Thankfully these drivers just ended up in a ditch and not into Lake Superior, but it still had to be scary either way.

I had a crazy experience with a semi-truck outside of Madison years ago when a truck went flying past me and I saw one of his rear tires on my driver's side jiggling. I was in a panic because I knew it was super loose and sure enough, his tire came flying off as my passenger and I were both screaming I can't type what we said...but thankfully I was far enough back that it cut in front of us and rolled onto the side of the road. Honestly, though that tire seemed bigger than my car at the time. We did pull up next to the driver and yelled to him about his tire and he pulled over.

As you can see in the video the trucks are at a complete standstill and the winds tip them over just like a toy truck. What a horrible feeling that must have been to just fall right over. No word on if the trucks were empty or not which I guess would be better than ruining product inside the truck. The really amazing thing is all 9 trucks toppled over in a record 40 seconds.

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