If you're looking for something unique to try, check out a restaurant called ninetwentyfive in Wayzata, Minnesota. They're offering a very special outdoor igloo dining experience this winter. It looks so cool!

Ninetwentyfive first did this last year because of COVID. It allowed a small group to be in their own bubble and have a nice dinner. But it was so popular that they have brought the igloos back for this winter.

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This year there are four different igloo experiences to choose from. There's the Veuve Cliquot in the Snow, Winter Wonderland, Woodinville in the Wilderness, and The Bubble Room. Each room will have a different dinner menu, a different cocktail, and I'm pretty certain the decor will be different based on which theme you chose.

Credit: ninetwentyfive via Facebook
Credit: ninetwentyfive via Facebook

It looks like such an amazing and fun experience, especially if it's snowing. On their website, they say that it's "one of the most in-demand winter dining experiences in the country" which I don't doubt. Of course, you'll need to make a reservation. However, before you go do that, I want to make you aware of the price because... it's really spendy.

Each of the igloos is for 4 guests at minimum, which kind of stinks because I originally found out they were doing this again this year when I was looking for an anniversary dinner idea for my husband and me. But if you want to do a double date, this is perfect!

Credit: ninetwentyfive via Facebook
Credit: ninetwentyfive via Facebook

Now for the pricing: each reservation for 4 costs between $425 and $500 depending on which theme you choose. So if you pick the $500 one, that's $125 per person. If you want to add more people to the reservation that's between an extra $110 and $125 per person. Like I said, pretty spendy. But you do get quite the unique experience out of it and the food all sounds amazing.

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