A pair of South Dakota men were among the group of 31 who were planning to riot at a pride event in Idaho on Saturday.

According to Dakota News Now, 40-year-old James Johnson and 24-year-old Derek Smith, both from Sioux Falls, were arrested after the U-Haul truck they were riding in was pulled over as it traveled to the pride event. They, along with the other 29 suspects were charged with conspiracy to riot. The charge is a misdemeanor.

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Johnson and Smith were both scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning in Coeur d’Alene.

Police got a tip on Saturday from someone who said they saw what they called "a little army" loading up into the back of a U-Haul in a hotel parking lot. When the truck was pulled over, police found riot gear, a single smoke grenade, shin guards, and riot shields. All of the men in the truck were wearing khaki pants, blue shirts, beige hats, and white balaclavas over their faces.

The names of all of the men arrested are:

Jared M. Boyce.
Nathan D. Brenner.
Colton M. Brown.
Josiah D. Buster.
Mishael J. Buster.
Devin W. Center.
Dylan C. Corio
Winston W. Durham.
Garret J. Garland.
Branden M. Haney.
Richard J. Jessop.
James M. Johnson.
James J. Johnson.
Kieran P. Morris.
Lawrence A. Norman.
Justin M. Oleary.
Cameron K. Pruitt.
Forrest C. Rankin.
Thomas R. Rousseau.
Conor J. Ryan.
Spencer T. Simpson.
Alexander N. Sisenstein.
Derek J. Smith.
Dakota R. Tabler.
Steven D. Tucker.
Wesley E. Van Horn.
Mitchell F. Wagner.
Nathaniel T. Whitfield.
Robert B. Whitted.
Graham J. Whitsom.
Connor P. Moran.

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