Who has the best tacos in the state of South Dakota? Well, according to a surveyone Sioux Falls restaurant reigns supreme in having the absolute best tacos in the Mount Rushmore state.

Everyone has their own personal favorites when it comes to tacos. For me, growing up in Iowa, I can't resist stoping by mine nearly every time I go back for a visit. With the state of South Dakota being such a big place, it's not surprising that this list has restaurants from almost every corner. But the number one spot is right here in Sioux Falls.

Here are the best places to get a taco, according to Best Things South Dakota:

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Credit: Giliberto's via Facebook
Credit: Giliberto's via Facebook
  1. Giliberto's, Sioux Falls
  2. Que Pasa?, Rapid City
  3. Cheyenne Crossing, Lead
  4. Cedar Pass Restaurant, Interior
  5. Laughing Water Restaurant, Custer
  6. Jacky's Restaurant, Sioux Falls
  7. Barbacoa's, Spearfish
  8. El Mariachi, Rapid City
  9. Sabor A Mexico, Rapid City
  10. Guadalajara's, Spearfish

Obviously, living in Sioux Falls, my opinion may be a bit biased, but I wholeheartedly agree with the number one spot on this list.

If you haven't had one of Giliberto's tacos, you're missing out. In fact, having one of Giliberto's tacos is almost impossible; it's best to have at least two in every sitting. They have 3 locations in Sioux Falls, including on Minnesota Ave, East 10th St, and Sertoma Ave.

Jacky's also serves up a fantastic taco. Again, speaking from experience here, you can't go wrong with a trip to Jacky's. They now have 3 different locations to choose from, including Minnesota Ave., near the Airport, and most recently, out at the Empire Mall.

Picking between these two restaurants is really like splitting hairs, so I guess it's probably a good idea to go to both as often as possible, just to be safe.

But just remember, if you go with me, you'll have to get your own. Because there's no "we" in the word, taco.

Story Source: Best Things South Dakota

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