Dateline: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Friday night, February 19, around 10 PM. Two well-behaved and unassuming pooches were minding their own business, just hanging out in their owner's running GMC Acadia, chatting about the variety of chew toys available just up the street at Petco on Louise Avenue.

Their owner had stopped at a restaurant along 26th & Louise and had run in the business, presumably to pick up something delicious to eat. More than likely it would be something the two pooches would drool over and use their wide-open puppy eyes to beg with until the owner relented and handed over a bit of happiness-filled yumminess!

The owner, concerned that the running, unlocked, vehicle might be the target of a person of questionable, nefarious nature, had continuously checked to make sure the vehicle and riders were alright. But in a moment of distraction, did not see said criminal hop in their vehicle and hit the road.

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Sioux Falls police responded, quickly getting the message out on social media, and just as quickly got a tip from a clerk at a gas station near 6th and West Avenue. The clerk reported that they saw a  "red GMC Acadia with two dogs inside" and officers responded, but the puppy purloining pirate proceeded piloting his particularly peeved, perplexed, poochie passengers.

Finally, and to the relief of the pet's owner, the stolen vehicle and furry tail-waggers were found in good shape in Garretson. Someone was arrested, but at that point, it was unclear as to whether he was the depraved dog desperado.

Drugs were found in the vehicle and on the person who was taken into custody, so that will be an issue, as well as the owner's purse being taken and credit card used. So, it is likely there will be additional charges due to those questionable circumstances.

I'm almost positive that when Teddy & Tucker (I have no idea what their given names are, I simply chose those to protect the innocent. Which they were.) finally made it home again they received multiple hugs, perhaps a new squeaky toy, and at least a few, "Atta boys or girls!"

In any case, at least for now, two more whiskered Sioux Falls residents are back in the arms of their loving owners and the degenerate who put them in harm's way is in his own pen. I guess you could say he's the one having a "ruff" day now!

Source: Sioux Falls Police Department and Ben Raether at Dakota News Now  

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