I post videos of myself shooting pistol matches on social media fairly often. Frequently I will get asked about what is needed to get started. If nothing else, showing up with what you got is plenty.

The 5th Annual Top Cop 3-gun match is happening Sunday, July 19 at Sioux River Sportsmen's Club in Canton. This event is tailored to be simple for anyone to attend and shoot their first match.

3-gun is an action shooting sport where a competitor gets on the line with a rifle, pistol, and shotgun and runs and shoots as fast as they can safely under the immediate supervision of a range officer.

Top Cop was started by a cop who shoots 3-gun and wanted to get other officers involved in competitive shooting. The first year in 2016 it was only open to police officers and those in related fields to shoot their duty gear since shooting specialized race gear can be intimidating to shoot. The next year it was changed to a "cops and robbers" match. That means I'm a "robber" when I shoot the match.

If you want to give this a whirl, just sign up for the match. It costs $40 to shoot. The money goes to the prize table which provides prizes both big and small to everyone who shoots the match. It helps support Sioux River Sportsmen's Club, which is a nonprofit working to improve the facility for its members. Anyone may join the club.

Top Cop

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