Road construction season is kicking into high gear with a series of road closures this week.

The City of Sioux Falls has unveiled the plans for three closures.

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Cliff Avenue Construction
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Beginning Thursday (May 26), South Cliff Avenue will be fully closed from 49th Street to 56th Street to allow for Phase 2 of Cliff Avenue construction to begin. Traffic will be detoured along 26th Street, Minnesota Avenue, and 57th Street.

Cliff Avenue is not expected to reopen to traffic until August.

Northview Avenue Construction
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Beginning Wednesday (May 25), North Northview Ave will be closed to through traffic north of Benson Road. A detour will be provided utilizing West 54th Street North.

First Rate Excavate will be capping utilities.

This work is anticipated to be completed in a week.

Sycamore Avenue Construction
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Also Wednesday, North Sycamore Avenue will be closed between Benson Road and Producer Lane to allow crews to complete road improvements.

This work is anticipated to be completed by the late fall.

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