Tornadoes are known to do weird things. One tree will be uprooted and another a few feet away will be fine. They can also turn objects into missles.

A friend of mine sent me pics of his parents' house. The first was of a tree branch that was driven into the side of the house. It's not a particularly large branch, sort of a large stick that still had a stem with leaves on it.

The second photo was the interior of that same wall. That little branch was launched with enough velocity to pierce through the siding, wall, insulation, and drywall and stick out the other side like a primitive spear.

Anonymous, Used with Permission
Anonymous, Used with Permission

I didn't get a photo of it, but I saw a tree that was in the vicinity of the Western Mall that looked like it was as intact as it was before the storm. Just yards away was the remnant of an identical tree. Nothing but a frayed tree trunk remained. It looked as though the tree was blown off of its trunk with an explosive.

Tornadoes do weird things. I'm so glad this wasn't worse.

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