Do you want to travel the world, but you don't have the resources to do so? Don't worry you can visit far-off places and not leave South Dakota!

Well, kind of. Um, not really.

But, what you can do is visit some of these town in South Dakota that have the same names as places in other countries. Then you brag to all your friends, on social media at least.

Lets start with a visit to that gem of the north; Toronto. Not the Canadian metropolises, but Toronto, South Dakota in Deuel County.

Maybe your thoughts turn to the old-world romance of Austria. Then make a trip to Vienna, conveniently located in Clark county, South Dakota.

Perhaps you want to trace your family's Scandinavian roots. How about Stockholm in Grant county, South Dakota. Well, at least you can take a picture by a sign that says Stockholm.

I don't know if they are famous for their sausages, but you can always visit Frankfort in Spink county, South Dakota.

I bet that Braveheart is a popular movie rental in Scotland in Bon Homme county, South Dakota.

This might be a great place to enjoy a bowl of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. It's Naples in Clark county, South Dakota.

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