When hiring people, the City of Sioux Falls does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity. The policy is based on Executive Order and not through ordinance.

Recently the City Attorney’s Office in Sioux Falls withdrew amendments to the Equal Employment Opportunity policy that would have added gender identity to the list of groups that cannot be discriminated against. City Councilor Marshall Selberg says the issue will be on hold for a while, but it likely returns once the lawsuit by Attorney General Marty Jackley is settled.

“We’ll all get a lot more educated as we go along. I have a lot to learn, too. It’s got many different facets and emotions tied to it, so there’s more to come.”

Selberg says those in favor of the changes want the language specifically spelled out in City code.

“By not acting on it, (supporters think) that it isn’t being addressed and it should be. It is protected as of now. They’re very passionate and they want (the language) to be included (in the ordinance).”

According to Selberg, those opposed bring up many potential pitfalls.

“I can’t really even narrow it down. Mostly (to them) it opens up a can of worms in their opinion to a lot of different things that might happen.”

Regardless, Selberg has noted the passion on both sides of the fence on this issue.

Mayor Huether issued the Executive Order on hiring practices regarding gender identity in March of 2016.

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