For those who live within the city limits, seeing a farm usually means seeing one in the distance as you drive past on the highway. But how about seeing a farm on the inside and getting a close up look at what a farm is really like?

There's an opportunity to do just that on a farm near Sioux Falls on June 16 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. It's the 11th Annual Breakfast on the Farm.

You are a consumer of agricultural products every day. Every time you eat you are supporting a farmer. How much do you really think about the food that you are eating?

Do you know how beef is raised, or how eggs get from the chicken into your refrigerator? If these are questions you would like answered, join a tour of a local farm.

Enjoy a morning on the farm! Meet a dairy farmer, watch cows being milked and much more.

Top off your morning with pancakes and ice cream. A free-will donation will be collected for the food and will be donated to Feeding South Dakota. The farm is located just five minutes east of Sioux Falls. You can sign-up online.

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