When I first saw this picture... oh man. It's a picture from the top of the Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you aren't familiar with the Foshay Tower, here's what it looks like

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Google Maps
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It's a pretty iconic building in the downtown area. If you've been to the cities before I'm sure you've noticed it.

View from the Top of the Foshay Tower

So when I say the top of the Foshay Tower I'm not talking about the highest floor in the hotel, I'm talking about the tip of whatever that pole is up top.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The stakes have just been raised. If it was the highest floor I bet the views are pretty sweet! But the view from the tippity top... I'm not afraid of heights and it made my hair stand on end.

Are you ready?

NO! First of all, don't even think about doing this yourself. I don't know who this person is but I can guarantee you they're a professional in whatever it is they're doing up there. Maintenance, cleaning, whatever. Do not do this.

But second of all, I would do a lot of things before doing this myself. Holy cow it would be so scary standing on top of this little tiny ledge looking down. I could stand on top of the actual building, like on the roof. That's a lot more surface area underneath me. But this? Heck no.

Would you be able to climb up there?

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