If you have kids they have embarrassed you in public at some point. My almost 2-year-old son de-pantsed in the store when I was wearing gym shorts I forgot to tie off. My 5-year-old daughter got a cut on her middle finger and went around the room showing all our relatives by flipping the bird.

Here's the 10 best embarrassing mom moments from FemaleFirst.

  • Your child having a tantrum in public.
  • Your child telling an embarrassing truth to an adult.
  • Your child throwing up in public.
  • Getting a call from the school telling you your kid is in trouble for bad behavior.
  • Your child pooping in a swimming pool.
  • Your child eating food at the grocery store you haven't paid for yet.
  • Accidentally pulling a kid's toy out of your purse when you were reaching for your phone.
  • Your child asking in public about how babies are made.
  • Being told your child spread lice at school.
  • Accidentally locking yourself out of your car when your child is inside.

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