Kids glued to a screen, that's a pretty common thing in any family setting. They don't know life without it.

Children today begin screen time as early as two years of age. Digital devices are as important to kids now as my bike was to me when I was little.

I have a nine-year old third grader, and he has had his own iPod since he was five. Like all kids, he knows how to run it. If I have a problem operating my iPhone 7, he can straighten me out in seconds.

When he comes home from school, the coat comes off and hits the floor on the way in. And without stopping, he has the TV on and his face in front of it in a minute.

After that comes the devices, iPod, iPad, you name it. At some point, is too much screen time harmful?

The experts say yes. They have found that children with increased screen times showed poorer performances on developmental testing. Developmental evaluations included communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social skills.

So have the kids take a break. Being digital savvy is important for them to survive in this world, but they need to break away and learn people skills and physical skills.


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