If there's something that's been "grinding on you" that you just can't seem to let go, today's the day to forgive and forget. It's 'Let It Go Day.'

I was on the website wellcat.com the other day and learned that every June 23 is 'Let It Go Day' - a day in which we're suppose to just let it go.

And let's be honest, we ALL have issues that haunt us no matter what our age. Maybe it's something that happened to you in school or at a previous job. We ALL have struggles.

When I stumbled across the website it instantly caught my attention because I truly believe that the secret to living a happy life is forgiveness.

If you can somehow figure out a way to - as the website says, "Just Let it go" - you'll be more the happier for it. It's worked for me.

I used to let things bother me - things dating all the way back to my elementary school days. The breaking point though came one sunny afternoon.

I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I was mowing my lawn and literally arguing with myself about something that happened years ago.

That was when I decided enough was enough. When you find yourself arguing with an imaginery person while mowing your lawn - that's a big red flag.

That same day I took the time to sit down and write out all the things that were still festering inside of me - and then I lit the paper on fire.

This is actually the first time I've ever admitted to ANYONE what I did. I haven't even shared this story with my wife.

I said to myself that I wasn't going to dwell on those negative thoughts anymore, and from that point on everyone who had ever done anything to me was forgiven.

Without getting too religious, to this day when I get to the point in the Lord's Prayer where it says "forgive those who trespass against us," I do that - I forgive.

The words leading up to that particular phrase are, "forgive us our trespasses...as we forgive those who trespass against us." I'm as guilty as the next guy.

I realize that while I allowed others to "get under my skin," I also got under someone's skin. My hope is someday they too can forgive and forget like I did.

So what do you say? Wanna give it try? Wanna free yourself and just "let it go?" Today would be the perfect day.

Source: Wellcat

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