It’s been a few years since I have wandered the toy aisles looking for the right gifts for my kids as they have in recent years preferred things that need keys or a charger but mostly prefer cash. This year, the tide has shifted as I get to shop for me almost-two year old grandson, Bear.

Shopping is equal parts about what Bear would enjoy, what I would like if I were his age and a smidge of what toy might be annoying to his mom & dad (otherwise known as grandparent karma).

While enjoying the time picking out things for Bear, I couldn’t help think about some of the cool toys I wanted from Santa. I was lucky as St. Nick was always good to me. I grew up in a time of Hot Wheels, Johnny West action figures, Light Brite and Big Wheels. Here are a few commercials that may bring back some of those fun memories of toys now found mostly at rummage sales and flea markets.


Lite Brite - I always wanted one of these but finally got one as an adult at a rummage sale. What they didn't say was that these were rather complicated to do and the little color bulbs make way too much noise when they go up the vacuum cleaner.

Zip Racer - added fun note is that these made a killer black skid marks on the kitchen floor which was rather unpleasing to my mom.

Digger the Dog - My parents were not in favor of getting us a puppy so this did the trick. He was terrible at fetching.

Big Wheel - more power, fast, and super cool! Little did I know that this was a gateway toy to an adulthood filled with too many speeding tickets.

Hot Wheels - I still have many of my original Hot Wheels toys and now Bear enjoys them.

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