In a viral TikTok with over 1 million views, user @madelineargy announces she finally bought a new beauty blender.

Why is that information TikTok-worthy?

She’d been using the same old makeup sponge for about years.

“You’ll be happy to know that I finally bought a new beauty blender,” she says in the viral clip.

“I’m gonna cut it in half,” she declares, holding up a black- and brown-tinged beauty blender.

“Thank you for being so good to me,” she says before cutting it down the middle.

When she cuts it in half to reveal the pink interior, she says, “Not to plug the brand… but that’s not even got mold in it.”

As it turns out, the beauty blender was originally pink, not brown or black as its outer color suggests.

“Aw, I miss you,” she says as she examines the sponge. “Wait, maybe I can just use it like cut in half… Endless usage.”

On what finally prompted her to purchase a new sponge? “I was like, I actually think I’m giving myself like a fungal infection or something.”

The video ends as she wonders out loud: “I wonder how many years I’ll have this one? Maybe 8 [years]!”

Watch below:

Naturally, her comments section is full of reactions.

“HOW DID IT TURN BLACK,” one person commented, asking the question on everyone’s mind.

“THAT IS ALL MOLD," someone suggested.

“Pink was the last color I thought it was,” another wrote.

One user was awed by the feat: “I’m impressed by how much the color changed.”

“Blackpink in your area,” another joked.

Another marveled at the TikToker's skin, saying, “I can’t believe how nice your skin is after using the same blender for that long!! Whattt.”

It’s safe to say this is a great reminder to wash your beauty blenders and refresh them much more frequently than every 7 years.

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