TikTok users have breathed new life into an internet meme about immortality, wealth and a deadly snail that will snatch away both with just one touch — and the trend is seriously catching on, just like Noodle the precious pug and his Bones Days videos.

If you've noticed curious videos about deadly snails popping up on your For You Page lately, here's why. Users on the platform have been captivated by a hypothetical question: What would you do if you were granted immortality and a bountiful fortune, but both were threatened by the touch of a deadly snail that follows you for the rest of your life?

On TikTok, users have been imagining how they'd react when the final showdown inevitably comes and proposing various ways to hold off the snail for as long as possible. For example, a common solution seems to be catching the snail in a glass container and keeping it locked up. Others imagine the moment that they accidentally eat their slimy enemy and instantly perish.

Distractify noted that some users have even considered voluntarily touching the snail once the concept of an immortal life loses its allure. After all, the idea of living forever may not be as exciting after hundreds of years of watching those you love die.

The hashtag #ImmortalSnail has more than 36 million views on the app, according to PopBuzz. Many of the videos appearing on the hashtag have been soundtracked with John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)."

Check out a couple of TikToks referencing the immortal snail below.

While the concept of the immortal snail is taking TikTok by a storm this month, the hypothetical situation has circulated online for years.

According to Know Your Meme, the Immortal Snail meme's origins can be traced back to an episode of Rooster Teeth Podcast that aired in 2014. The original scenario entailed receiving $10 million. However, upon collecting the fortune, the recipient is chased by that deadly snail for all eternity.

The question has also been popular on Reddit over the years. At times the sum of money has changed, but the general situation remains the same.

TikTok user @benjhandy referenced the question on TikTok back in August. Know Your Meme hypothesized that the popular video (it's been viewed 87.5 K times) helped reignited interest in the meme, which has undeniably taken TikTok by storm.

Revisit his TikTok below.

Now it's your turn to hypothesize what you'd do if you ever find yourself in the situation.

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