A woman's Ring camera captured footage of a confused couple approaching her front door and trying to enter her home after a night out. Naturally, the hilarious video went viral on TikTok.

TikTok user @sophie.sciascia shared the footage from her security camera on the social media platform.

In it, a man and woman come up on her porch. The man clearly believes that they are at his travel buddy's abode. However, it's soon made very clear that is not the case.

"Why would I have the key?" the woman asks with frustration evident in her voice. She tells the man that they aren't at her place.

"What the f--k are we doing here," he asks.

Her response: "I don't know."

"Let's get off this random person's porch," the man says. Their conversation continues as they walk away into the night with the man begging for more information.

"Where do you live?" he asks, hilariously adding, "This is where you don't hold back the words."

User @Sophie.sciascia seemed to take the moment with a good sense of humor.

"By far the funniest thing my ring camera has ever captured," she wrote in the caption of the clip. "Someone find these people so I can actually invite them over."

Watch the hysterical footage, below:

The video has amassed more than 4 million views and nearly 1 million likes. TikTok users rushed to the comments section to laugh about the absurd situation.

"I'm crying the guy is so shocked," one person wrote.

"This is actually the funniest conversation i've EVER HEARD," another opined.

"He's so shocked and she's so chill ab it," someone else wrote.

"How drunk are they?" another commenter asked. "Also how did they get there? Was it some uber or did they walk? I have so many qs."

Luckily, @sophie.sciascia left a comment that directed viewers to another person's TikTok account for a better explanation.

The comment led viewers to @brynnisugly, who claims to be the woman seen in the video. She explained that she'd just moved to a new house and forgot her address after a night out.

In her confusion, she ended up taking the man to a home that was 20 minutes away from where she actually lived. "I also just met that guy that night. We never met before, and we'll probably never meet again," she added.

Thankfully the night ended with her safely in bed.

Check out her full explanation below:

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