Gather 'round, students — class is officially in session.

Tiffany Young is ready to teach listeners a few important things that she's learned as a pop star in the music video for "Over My Skin." The Girls' Generation member-gone-solo performer charms in her sultry new video for the bold, instantly-catchy English-language single off her forthcoming EP, due out in early 2019.

In the clip, appropriately posted on Tiffany's birthday on Wednesday (August 1), the singer unveils her self-assured alter ego, Professor T, as she takes fans on an educational field trip of sorts through the lessons she's learned during her time in the music business, from owning her unique style to facing harsh criticism to, finally, taking her career into her own hands as the director of her own artistic destiny.

Each surreal scene represents a different lesson, with Tiffany playing both teacher and student until she's finally comfortable in her own skin and ready to seize her solo career without holding back. The visual packs a powerful message about autonomy, control and confidence, both for Tiffany as a solo performer as well as an empowered young woman. ("Because I'm owning what's mine / Confident, I know I look good babe!")

Watch below:

In a press release about the video, Tiffany shared, "Recently I’ve been learning all angles of the music industry from developing and producing my merch, music video editing and concept design, songwriting and production, budgeting and so much more in my own career. This music video reflects situations where I’ve had to overcome my insecurities as a performer, shut out any fears or short comings, and feel good in my own skin."

"Through this process I encourage everyone that’s following their dreams and passionate about what they love, to take their destiny into their own hands, learn as much as you can about your craft and keep learning," she added. "Let’s inspire each other to grow."

She may still be learning, but right now, Tiffany is at the top of her class.

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