Sioux Falls Police say three women were robbed Tuesday morning in an apartment in the 5300 Block of West 56th Street.

"There was a guy that kicked open the door to the apartment. He came inside and ended up taking some cash. During this process, there was a struggle and all three women were struggling with the suspect. He pulled out a gun and hit one of the women over the head with the gun. The gun was shot several times. No one was injured. After the gunshots happened he took off," explained Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

Did the women do the right thing by resisting the robber?

"Anytime you have somebody that is threatening you with some type of weapon whether it's a knife or gun the safe thing to do is do what they are asking. Be a good witness and let police follow up on it after the fact."

Clemens says the suspect is a black man, 5'3" and weighing around 120 pounds.

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