Three people who went to a public place in Sioux Falls with people around to allegedly make a drug deal were undoubtedly surprised when cops showed up.

According to Dakota News Now, three people were arrested at a hotel on West Russell Street early Thursday morning after employees at the hotel became suspicious that there may have been a deal going down.

There were infinity isolated places outside of the city to do the alleged deal with no people around.

25-year-old Corey James Bucklin, 27-year-old Casey Miles German, and 26-year-old Alliah Jane Traversie were all taken into custody after an investigation that found a decent amount of contraband. Just over a quarter pound of marijuana and just under a quarter pound of meth was taken off their hands by police. They were all charged with a slew of drug-related charges including distribution.

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There was also a handgun found in the room that had its serial number filed off. Bucklin was also charged in relation to that. Possession of a firearm with an altered serial number is a class 6 felony in South Dakota.

Bucklin also tried to flee the police. He didn't make it, just like no one ever does.

I have always wanted to try to run from cops. I don't want to break the law, I just want to see how far I get before I'm caught. I have a few friends who are cops but one of them looks like he could play defensive back for the Storm. Not him. The other one is way slower than I am, so that wouldn't be fair either. I never have... wait, except for that muddy cornfield when the sheriff showed up to bust up a party on an abandoned farm when I was in high school. I guess I did get away from the cops that night. But I didn't get away from my parents.

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