A grim picture was painted Tuesday morning in Lennox as three bodies were discovered in a home on South Main Street.

According to Lincoln County Sheriff Dennis Johnson, the incident occurred around 10:00 AM.

“We have two adults, one male, one female and one young child. All three have gunshot wounds.”

Johnson believes that this was an isolated incident that should end with what happened at the home.

“We do believe that it’s all contained inside the residence. We do not believe that the public is in any kind of danger.

At this point in the investigation Johnson says it’s too soon to determine if this was a murder-suicide.

“That (scenario) is being looked at. Once we are able to go through all the evidence we will be able to make a more conclusive determination.”

What is currently known about the victims is that the child was an elementary-age boy. For a time, the Lennox Schools entered into a “soft lockdown” for about ten minutes until police were able to deem the situation under control.

This is a developing story. Check back for more details. 

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