I know it doesn't look like much, but this is probably my favorite Mother's Day card I have ever received!

It may be a sign that I'm officially getting older (and when did I turn into my mom?), but all I wanted for Mother's Day was to spend time with my two boys. Unfortunately, my 20-year old son is on-tour with the Northern State University Chamber Choir and wasn't able to be home, leaving me with my 17-year old son, Troy, who just happens to be a bit of a jokester. And as his high-school graduation date continues to get closer and closer, I'm facing the realization that I will soon be an "empty-nester".

A couple facts about my son, Troy. He is a "numbers" kid. His world revolves around math (hence the reason he chose St. Cloud State University to study Actuarial Science.). Growing up, he was never the kid who wanted to sit at the table to color and draw - he just had no time for that; and he has an awesome sense of humor!

So when Troy walked up the stairs on Mother's Day morning carrying a small box (I did get a gift!) and his hand behind his back I was a little scared.

"Mom, remember when I used to make cards for you when I was just a little kid?" I responded hesitantly with "yeah". "Well, I know you don't think I listen to you when you tell me things - but I do - and my Mother's Day card to you proves it."

Remember, drawing is not his thing, but this 17-year old sure can make me laugh! And just when I believed he never listened to me!


I know, from his handwriting and the "beautiful" hand-drawn illustrations, he probably constructed this masterpiece in the front seat of his car, right before he walked in the door. But, at least he knows what makes me smile (flowers) and what makes me laugh (my cat named Scrat and how she drives me crazy jumping on my table, then wanting outside!).


But more importantly, he knows how to make me melt, just by using that one little four-lettered word, followed by his name.

Oh, and one more thing - don't think this beautiful masterpiece, illustrated by a National Honor Society senior in high school, is something that can be used by every kid, he's smart enough to remember to copyright his work!


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