For all those people who love baby animals, or just adorable things in general,  this video will make your day. It certainly made mine!

The little guy is a toy poodle puppy who is just three months old. His owner decided he should be taken to the groomers and recorded the whole thing.

How can you not enjoy a video like that huh?

One of my coworkers mentioned that if he were placed near a blow dryer he would look just like a little ball of golden fluff!

The little puppy is so well behaved while he is at the groomers too. I know my dog can't stand baths and ends up drenching me in the process of trying to beeline it for the nearest exit.

I first saw the video in the family group chat between my parents, my sisters, and I. My dad had actually found it and said it reminded him of when our miniature wiener dog Dasiy May was first brought home. She is full-grown now of course but when we first brought her home she could fit inside of his size thirteen shoe.

But with this size dog, he must get tired from just walking around the living room. He is just downright adorable though.

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