South Dakota has many species of reptiles. In fact, eight species of lizards, seven species of turtles and 17 species of snakes according to Reptile Gardens. You can read about the 7 most common snakes in South Dakota here. But if there is one snake you must be cautious when venturing out in the wilderness, its the Prairie Rattlesnake.

This venomous snake is found throughout the western United States, southwestern Canada, and northern Mexico. Now you maybe thinking, "Oh, this snake is probably located out west, no way is it near me." Well according to this map, you can come across this snake even in eastern South Dakota.

picture via rbrausse/IUCN Red List
rbrausse/IUCN Red List

These snakes don't grow that big either. The average size is about three and and half feet in length. They are usually brown color and have a triangle-shaped head according to Wikipedia.

So the next time you are out hiking, camping, or even biking, just be careful because you may come face-to-face with South Dakota's deadliest snake.

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