If you grew up in Yankton or spent any time in the Yankton area at all, what you're about to read will come as no surprise to you.

Growing up in Yankton back in the day meant a couple of things, one car dealership, everyone hung out at Lewis & Clark Lake on weekends, and fast food joints were few but favorites.

The first time our mom took us to A&W, we thought we had moved into another dimension! What was this place where you spoke into a funny little marquee speaker, told them you wanted a root beer float and it magically appeared on a tray they hung on your window?

Forget about disposable cups too. Only icy mugs for you, you little tire biters!

But wait! There was something even better and some of us only discovered it in middle school. Willert's Drive-In or Willert's Tastee Treat was the place and the Tastee Beef Sandwich (with or without cheese) was the star!

Willert's Tastee Treet Special
Tastee Treet special via Tastee Treet Facebook

No, it's not a burger, it is a loose meat sandwich made out of ground beef and rainbows! The secret recipe for this savory concoction is buried somewhere near Gavin's Point Dam, but no one's talking!

As long as you're having the Tastee Beef sandwich, make it the special, with fries and a malt or shake.

Maybe you just need something sweet. Would a mile-high creamy, dreamy twist cone do the trick? Of course. Or maybe a Chocolate Cherry Sundae, or. . .

The list is too long to mention.

Just drive in, because it is a drive-in, after all. Think about it for a couple of minutes, then order. Whatever you get, you'll be glad you stopped for a nosh.

And you don't have to be in junior high school to love it.

Source: Only in Your State/South Dakota and Patty Dee

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