Where were you three years ago when the single most shocking play in Minnesota Vikings history happened?

January 14, 2018, found me in my living room watching the tail end of the game against the New Orleans Saints in which the lead changed hands constantly in the fourth quarter. I was already pretty wrung out.

The Vikings had just enough time and were barely good enough field position. So there was still hope. But I really didn't think they would pull off the field goal. Even if they got in position I thought they would shank the kick, like they always do.

So when Stefon Diggs caught the ball along the sideline I immediately scream "get out of bounds!" He didn't. He ran into the end zone and I lost my mind. My daughter caught most of my reaction, not its beginning, on video.

That may be the most exuberant moment of instant happiness I've ever experienced. Brett Favre's hail mary against the 49ers in 2009 was fantastic, but it was just an early-season game. None of my teams have ever had that shocking of a moment. I'm completely ridiculous, but I didn't care. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't the only one.

The best video of this is the sideline camera that wasn't part of the broadcast. It was one continuous shot from the goal line, 61 yards away, with no announcers screaming. Just fans losing their minds. When the deafening white noise amplifies after it is obvious Diggs is gone, I get chills every time.

And here's the part where I remember that the Vikings came back to earth the following week in Philly and crapped the bed. Still, I love watching that play.

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