I love to travel.

The chance to see new places, meet new people, and experience new things has always been something that has given me great joy.

I do it whenever I can.

When my travels involve flying, I, like most people, find myself tolerating the ever-increasing layers of security at the airport, understanding why it's necessary, but always looking for ways to make the process more efficient.

If you've ever been subjected to a 'bag check' of your carry-on, you know how that can throw a wrench in your plans, especially if you cutting it close for time.

If you've ever gotten to your destination only to discover that TSA agents have gone through your checked bag, you feel slightly violated or even mildly ticked off if something is damaged. If something's missing from your luggage, now you're in a full-blown rage.

But what it there was way to show screeners what was in your bag before they had to open it?


Introducing see-through luggage from Crumpler. The Australian company is touting the clear Vis-A-Vis trunk, singing the praises of the luggage on its website:

Turn heads, breeze through customs and show off your favourite gear...

Sure seems like a good idea doesn't it?

Not when you really think about it.

First of all, when the bag is full, it resembles something like this:

Are you really prepared to air your laundry, dirty or otherwise, for the world to see? You'd like a little privacy for your unmentionables and valuables wouldn't you? Well, Crumpler has you covered there with an added 'feature':

...stash your secrets in our complimentary Volume Rebates private packing cubes.

But, doesn't having a 'private packing cube' to 'stash your secrets' defeat the entire purpose of having a see-through suitcase?

Plus, last time I checked, your bag is x-rayed, not given a visual once over, So what are you really paying for?

Oh and speaking of paying - one thing that won't show up in your see-through bag is money. That's because you would have spent it all on this $560 conversation piece!

If you really want everyone to see your stuff at the airport, save yourself the money and pack everything in saran wrap!

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