If you are flying out of the Sioux Falls airport anytime soon and you want to be on time, then consider flying Delta Airlines. This isn't an endorsement for the company, but it's the result of a new survey of the punctuality of US airlines.

According to U.K.-based travel analyst OAG, a provider of worldwide flight information, Delta is the second-best airline in the US for being on time. They say that a Delta flight has an 88.4 percent chance of being on time. 'On time' is defined as a flight that arrives or departs within 15 minutes of their scheduled times.

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If Delta is number two, then who is number one? Hawaiian Airlines with an 89.9 percent on-time rate. Here are the top ten on-time airlines in the country:

  1. Hawaiian Airlines: 89.9 percent
  2. Delta Air Lines: 88.4 percent
  3. American Airlines: 85.1 percent
  4. United Airlines: 83.5 percent
  5. Alaska Airlines: 82.6 percent
  6. Southwest Airlines: 81.2 percent
  7. Frontier Airlines: 79.8 percent
  8. Spirit Airlines: 79.4 percent
  9. Allegiant Airlines: 75.4 percent
  10. JetBlue: 73.4 percent

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