Remembering that in 2021 the Sioux Falls swimming pools were not opening for the expected summer fun due to a lifeguard shortage, we jump ahead one year anticipating that there will be enough staff to unchain the gates.

City of Sioux Falls
City of Sioux Falls

It may only be February but the City of Sioux Falls wants to prevent that same scenario. And to do that necessary steps are being taken.

According to the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation (SFPR) an increase in wages is their way of filling hundreds of vacancies for summer seasonal jobs.

This is what may entice you to apply:

  • 40-hour workweek for seasonal positions
  • Training will be provided
  • The potential to earn over $8,000 in 13 weeks
  • Your job is in the beautiful outdoors of Sioux Falls

Many positions are available for summer work and if you're worried that you won't know what to do, put those worries aside. No experience is necessary.

Being a lifeguard isn't the only summer position open. SFPR is also looking for maintenance workers. Would you like to sit on a riding lawn mower for 13 weeks? The City is also looking to fill positions in forestry, community centers, playground programs, aquatics. and field maintenance.

Below is the current schedule for walk-in interviews:

Aquatics Interviews (Ages: 15+)
Midco® Aquatic Center, 1601 South Western Avenue
For all aquatic and lifeguard positions.
February 21–22 and March 21–22, 3–6 PM

Maintenance and Forestry Interviews (Ages: 18+)
Park Shop, 2401 West 49th Street
For maintenance, mowing, forestry, and field maintenance positions.
February 23–24 and March 9–10, 1–4 PM.


From Frybread to Pheasants - Here are South Dakota's Official State Things

Every state in our nation has chosen things that represent the state in one way or another to be official state things. Like a flower, or animal. South Dakota is no different.

The Mount Rushmore has a state flower. But did you know we also have a state tree and a state fish? Yes, we even have a state code.

Here is what we have so far in Wyoming. Thanks to the South Dakota Secretary of State's Office for the info:

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