I go to the gym three, sometimes four, times a week. And during this time I do some people watching and thinking. A lot of thinking. Everyone is just going about their business with their headphones on and sometimes my mind wanders. Wanders and wonders about things.

Like things I don't get at the gym.

First, why are like half of the TV's on Food Network or Man vs. Food? This is just torture for someone like me. I'm here at the gym, working on my fitness and half the TV's are showing delicious goodies I want to eat right now. Most of which would require a lot more time at the gym to work off.

Second, how do people leave their hair down? When I go to the gym my hair is up in a ponytail and my bangs are pushed back by a headband. If I'm sweaty and gross I don't want my hair touching me anywhere. Sometimes I see gals with their hair down all sticking to their sweaty neck and backs and I just can't take it. I do Zumba classes, and I get that flipping your hair around is sometimes fun and seems like part of the choreography, but just get a hairtie. This isn't a music video.

Third, why does the cafe sell unhealthy food? The gym I go to has a little cafe/nook thing. I think I've gotten something there once. Anyway, most of it is healthy stuff. Fruits and veggies, juices, some coffee, bottled water. And then there's soda and chips and some baked goods. The baked goods could be some kind of protein bar stuff, but they look homemade and unhealthy. Again, temptation. I believe they actually have a food menu, which I'm not sure what exactly is on it besides the soup of the day. Like I said, I don't eat there often. Do they think if they keep us plump we will have to keep coming back?

Fourth, why does the track change direction based on the day? Maybe this isn't at every gym, but at my gym the track changes direction with the day of the week. So every day that I go there I have to check the chart so I don't start going the wrong way. I did that once, and while nobody said anything, it was still really embarrassing. I just don't get why it has to change direction. I think the employees just thought it up as a cruel joke so they could get a kick out of the people going the wrong way!



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