Yesterday was the fifteenth anniversary of my college graduation from Black Hills State University - May 11, 2002. Kind of a lot has changed. But some things are the same.

When this photo was taken I was 25 year old and worked on a classic rock station. Now I'm 40 and work on a Top 40 station (but I started here 21 months after this photo was taken).

When this photo was taken I had solid dark brown hair. Now there's a fair amount of salt in the pepper.

When this photo was taken I lived in a crappy apartment with nice carpet in Rapid City. Now I live in a nice house with crappy carpet in Sioux Falls.

When this photo was taken I had a cat named Squeak and no girlfriend. Now I have no pets, but have a wife and three kids.

When this photo was taken nothing hurt unless I drank too much the night before. Now I have had two back surgeries, make a grunting noise every time I sit down, and if I have more than 36 ounces of beer it ruins the next day.

When this photo was taken I played video games on my Windows Me computer or a PS1. Now I play them on a PS3 (soon to be PS4).

When this photo was taken I had a cell phone that only made phone call and could not text. I could rent movies in a store that I watched on the TV while I sat at my computer desk. Now I fool around on my iPhone while watching Netflix on the tablet in my lap on the couch because who needs a computer or a desk?

Erickson Family Photo
Erickson Family Photo

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