From having to lay off employees along with some having to close down their locations temporarily but sadly some locations of these national chains may never reopen according to

And now with the issue of finding employees to staff these establishments is a never-ending feat.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of different definitions of what a restaurant closing down could mean.

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Here's what a restaurant closing sign hanging in the window could really mean:

  • It could just be a temporary closing:
    • This could just be an 'until further notice' change that only allows contactless pickup, curbside, or food delivery via a third-party food delivery service. The restaurant could always reopen after a few months to its original dining room experience.
  • Permanently reducing the number of locations:
    • This option mainly affects chains but in order to help keep the more profitable locations open and running some locations may have to be closed.
  • Filing for bankruptcy:
    • This is usually reserved for the last option a restaurant has made before they are permanently closed.
  • Going out of business:
    • Going out of business is the final chapter for any business. This is the part where all of the assets are sold off in order to try and repay some of the debts back that the business has.

These are the Sioux Falls restaurant chains that as of late May 2021, their corporate team has made some decisions as to their current restaurants' locations.

Chuck E. Cheese's: The pizza and arcade chain has decided to close down thirty of its locations in 2020. From what it appears is that the Sioux Falls Chuck E. Cheese's location appears to be unaffected for the time being.

Denny's: We actually have two Denny's locations within Sioux Falls city limits. The first one is located over off of E. 10th street and the other is within the Flying J Travel Center off N. Granite Lane. Denny's has made the decision to close 15 of its locations in New York state but it doesn't appear there was a need to close any more of their locations down.

IHOP: No closes in South Dakota from IHOP. But they are permanently closing 49 restaurants within  Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

McDonald's: 200 McDonald's locations will be closing. But the interesting thing about half the 200 locations? They're inside of Walmart stores.

Pizza Hut & Wendy's: The parent company that owns both chains, NPC International Inc., has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to 'restructure its debts.'

Potbelly Sandwich Shop: In May of 2020, the company announced up to 100 locations were going to be closed and possibly declare bankruptcy.

Ruby Tuesday: Ruby Tuesday also filed for bankruptcy chapter 11 and has closed 185 locations thus far.

Starbucks: Now Starbucks is the odd one out so to speak in this bunch. They actually aren't doing any of the above. They are actually expecting to open 300 new locations.

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