If there was an award for not paying attention, it would go to these campers. They would also receive an honorable mention for not being too concerned that their campsite is now a hangout place for a bear as a new video share shows.

It's not nice to call someone stupid, so I won't do that in this case although it's tempting. Notice the nonchalance at work with how laid back these dudes were when they finally noticed that a large apex predator was lurking mere feet away.

While sitting around our campfire, a bear came out of the woods and walked around our campfire for about five minutes and then went back into the woods.

Let's say that again. They watched the bear walk around their campfire for FIVE MINUTES. I have to wonder what was going through the bears mind during this unbearably (see what we did there?) length of time. Here are some theories:

  • Do I eat them or just paw them a little bit?
  • Do they think I'm a human pranking them in a bear suit?
  • How many campers could I eat before I get full?
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Now, watch this camper brilliance at work.

"Hey there, buddy" is not exactly the textbook way you deal with a bear encounter especially a black bear. You could say that all's well that ends well, but in this case I'm not so sure. It should be a teachable moment, but instead these campers now probably think it's perfectly fine if they end up hanging with a bear.

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