One of the most popular summer activities is packing up your car and hitting the road for a fun road trip. It's a chance to explore new towns and have a little weekend getaway.

It's always exciting visiting new towns and states. However, some towns you see just make you scratch your head? Why? Well...their names are a bit weird especially when you travel through Iowa.

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If you haven't noticed, some town names in Iowa have the most bizarre and hilarious names one has ever heard. You cannot help but laugh at some of these crazy Iowa town names found on Only In Your State. These Iowa town names just give the state a little extra uniqueness!

So how funny and weird are these town names from the Hawkeye state? Only In Your State has a list of the 20 weird Iowa towns. Take a look at these hysterical names. They will definitely make you laugh!

  1. Gravity: This town is located in Taylor County. I guess whatever goes up in this Iowa town eventually comes down...bad joke.
  2. What Cheer: This town sounds like the beginning of a cheesy song.
  3. Beebeetown: One would think there are a lot of bees in this Iowa town.
  4. Cool: This town
  5. Crab Town: I guess there are a lot of crabs in Iowa after all which is truly surprising because Iowa really isn't known for its beaches.
  6. Vulcan: I guess this town is named after Star Trek.
  7. Loveland: Will Iowans find a lot of love in this town?
  8. Defiance: This is just a weird name for a town.
  9. Climax: You can't go any higher than this Iowa town.
  10. Toeterville: Who came up with this name?!
  11. Lost Nation: Did someone lose this town?
  12. Jamaica: Next time someone wants to take a tropical vacation, take them to this Iowa town!
  13. Correctionville: Correction? Nope. This is the legit name of the town.
  14. Andover: You get the joke here...over and over again.
  15. Doon: I have nothing to say about this town. It's just random.
  16. Unique: See! Iowa is unique!
  17. Thirty: This seems to be like the perfect town to visit when someone turns 30!
  18. Last Chance: So does this mean it’s the last chance to see Iowa cornfields before leaving the state? Is it the last chance to make funny jokes about Iowa? The possibilities are endless.
  19. Promise City: Iowans promise this is a great town.
  20. Hard Scratch: Hmmmm...again this name is just odd.

What are some weird town names you've heard of?

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