According to Visit Sioux Falls, there are over 700 restaurants in and around the city. And you can bet a lot of them are serving french-fries with their meals. That may not be the case in the near future.

Bloomberg is reporting that we may be in for a potato shortage. U.S. potato processors have been looking overseas to find enough potatoes to fill their needs.

Potato producing states like Minnesota, North Dakota, and Idaho are having weather-related complications that are affecting this year's harvest. Heavy snows are forcing some farmers to abandon their crops in the fields.

Canada is also a big tater producer and they too are saying that they have lost a lot of their potato crop due to weather.

Another aspect of the french fry forecast is that the potatoes that are making it to the processing plant are too small. French fry processing plants are set up to handle a certain size of spud, and the smaller ones just won't cut it.

So the questions are whether or not we'll see a french-fry shortage or if we can get fries 'with that' will the cost be going way up? Oh...and who wants to live in a world without fries!?

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