Ok, weirdest is certainly a subjective term but we bet that you will at least raise an eyebrow at this street's name, or at least I did when I was doing the research.

Did you know that there is a street name in Sioux Falls called Ladyslipper Circle?

How do Sioux Falls streets get their names? Well, according to Sioux Falls Central, Sioux Falls street names are actually chosen by the land developers.

"Most street names are selected by the original land developer. Street names must satisfy specific criteria. If the criteria is satisfied, then the name is allowed. The City does not require an explanation of why the name was selected. Nor does the City maintain a history of why a private land developer selected the name"- Sioux Falls Central.

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I hadn't heard of Ladyslipper Circle before and wondered where it was on the map and well Google Maps shows an empty dirt plot.

Google Maps
Google Maps

So it's a newer road with some really nicely built newer single-family houses on it. It appears that homes in this neighborhood on Ladyslipper Circle are selling for around the $400,000 and up price tag.

According to Zillow, there are currently three home listings right now on Ladyslipper Circle.

Here are some other honorable mentions when it comes to weird street names here are some other ones from across South Daktia:

  • Kno Place (Rapid City)
  • Goose Pass Road (Pierre)
  • Karen Street (Yankton)
  • Mom's Street (Sioux Falls)

Source: Only In Your State

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