I know we have a lot going on in Minnesota sports right now, but there is one race I hate to miss every year, and that's The Kentucky Derby!

The Kentucky Derby is going to be held this Saturday, May 7th. The horses will be ready to run at 6 pm. It's an all-day event, but the actual race is two minutes of pure excitement.

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This year Zandon is the pick to win the Kentucky Derby. Zandon, pictured above, is the 3 to 1 favorite as it stands right now, with other close picks being Epicenter with 7 to 2 odds,  Messier, with 8 to 1 odds of winning, and Mo Donegal with 10 to 1 odds. The owner of the winner will receive 1.86 million dollars of the 3 million dollar purse, with 10% going to the Jockey, their agent, and the valet who help the jockey during the race.

My favorite way to choose the winner is to look at the eyes of every horse before the race, and it's extra fun when everyone is wrong and a horse of no name comes in First place.


There have been some incredible races in the past, and this year, with all of the horses seemingly pretty equal across the board, anything can happen. I'm hoping for clear skies, because to me; there's nothing worse than those beautiful horses having to race in dangerous muddy conditions on a rainy day. Tragedy can strike at any time when you have these high-strung horses behind gates, and when the race is on, they are racing so close together, I worry about their long legs getting tangled in a curve.


If you've never taken the time to watch The Kentucky Derby, I encourage you to join me in watching these beautiful horses run for the roses. You can catch the race on NBC at 5:57 pm central time, but the excitement will be all day starting around 1:30 pm. Just make sure you watch before 5 pm... That two minutes go by before you know it.


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