Money Inc is responsible for this ranking of the 20 worst places to live in Minnesota. To determine the towns and their rankings they looked at crime stats, unemployment rates, etc.

Based on their research, here are the Minnesota towns that are among the worst places to live in the state.

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13. Jordan, MN

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Jordan is the first southern Minnesota town to make the list. Money Inc ranked Jordan as the 13th worst place to live in Minnesota. They really ripped Jordan apart and said things like "if you value your health, your wealth, and your happiness" you won't want to live here, and "there’s almost nothing to do here".

Carly Ross, ,TSM

Apparently having The World's Largest Candy Store doesn't save them from making the list of the 20 worst places to live in Minnesota.

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11. Albert Lea

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Albert Lea has been on lists like these before unfortunately. Money Inc does point out that "the city has a lot of positive things going for it" but then says, "all that good stuff doesn’t negate the fact that the city’s crime and economic problems are out of control."

Carly Ross, TSM

They say that you "have a 1 in 38 chance of being the victim of a property crime" and that the unemployment rate is the 17th worst in the state at 5.4%.

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But what about the number one spot? What town does Money Inc think is the absolute worst place to live in Minnesota?

1. St. Paul

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The number one spot goes to St. Paul. Money Inc mainly focuses on the fact that St. Paul has a lot of crime. They write that the town "might claim to be the “The Most Livable City in America” but research suggests otherwise."

Carly Ross, TSM


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