I've asked my parents for plenty of advice over the years. It's usually been pretty good. Like when I wanted to skip work at K-Mart in Brookings during college Christmas break, I asked my dad what the best car problem one could have that would prevent me from coming back?

Okay, I didn't really ask that question. But in the Internet age you don't have to ask embarrassing questions like that, or other things that would terribly disappoint your parent. You can just google it.

Zippia.com analyzed Google data to find what the most interesting job-related searches in each state are. South Dakota's top search was strange because it was so practical and not really weird or deceitful at all.

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The most interesting search in South Dakota according to Zippia was "nurse jobs." I was so disappointed. As disappointed as my dad would have been if I had asked how to fake an inability to go to work.

Nurse jobs, knowing that there is a massive amount of medical jobs in our state, isn't really strange, but it was unique since it was searched more here than in any state.

Minnesota was weird because they literally searched for "weird jobs" more than any other state. A lot of stoners in Florida searched for "jobs that don't drug test." Iowa googled "good excuses" which could be from those college kids that are trying to get out of work.

North Dakota probably had the most pragmatic search of the entire country. "Interview questions and answers" was their top search. Why so smart?

Arizona's top search is, "What should I do with my life?" Colorado's is "quarter-life crisis" presumably from 20-somethings who are stuck. New Yorkers google "hate my boss" the most. Pennsylvania is seeking advice for "sleeping at work." Oregon's top search is "how to call in sick" (call and lie). Connecticut is asking "how to get fired."

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