One of the commercials during this year's Super Bowl starred the late artist, Andy Warhol, who ate a Burger King Whopper. It turns out, he might've preferred a Big Mac.

The 60-second Burger King spot ends with the hashtag 'EatLikeAndy.' The only thing Andy Warhol says, when trying to pour some ketchup, is - "It doesn't come out."

What you may not realize is the clip is actually from a 1984 shoot with Danish documentarian Jorgen Leth, for a film called 66 Scenes From America.

Leth would later say, in an interview, when he gave Warhol a choice for the shoot between the Whopper or an unmarked burger, Warhol asked: "Where's the McDonald's?" Not necessarily because he preferred the taste of McDonald's - but because its logo was a nicer design.

Also, the version you saw on TV during the Super Bowl was not the full-length version. The full-length version runs almost five minutes long.

Here's the abbreviated version that aired during the Super Bowl. This one runs less than a minute.

So, now you know the "rest of the story" surrounding the 'Eat Like Andy' commercial.

Source: ABC Radio News

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