When given my instrument of choice when I was in grade school, I chose the flute. Couple of reasons actually.

One, because it was small and easy to carry. But the main reason I started playing the flute was because I was able to borrow one from a neighbor that had a daughter that played the flute and already graduated from high school.

Because sports eventually became my first love, I stopped playing and gave the flute that I had borrowed back to the neighbor. That was probably for the best, because even if I would have stuck with it all through high school, I never would have been good enough to audition for the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra.

Auditions for the open principal flute spot with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra will be held on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 in Sioux Falls. About 100 flutists from all over the United States will be coming to Sioux Falls to audition for the principal position that is comparable to similar spots in larger orchestras.

The auditions for the principal flute spot will include three rounds: preliminary, semi-final and final. Auditions will be closed to the public.

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