My brother proposed to his girlfriend last Christmas and they set the date for September of 2018.

My brother had been dating his now fiancee for awhile so I had told him that I know she has a sister and friends she's closer with so I don't have to be a bridesmaid, but I don't want to be in charge of guest book or the cake or something lame.

Well, last Easter my brother told me I had made the cut as bridesmaid, but I wasn't supposed to say anything yet.

Well, time passed and time passed all the way to this Thanksgiving and family is asking him about wedding planning and stuff and I ask why I can't tell anyone or whats the deal? I even said, "Are you guys doing one of those silly proposal things?"

Well, turns out they were. When my brother and I were leaving our grandma's house he gives me a little wooden box and takes his phone out to send his fiancee a video.

She was out of state for Thanksgiving so we had to make due.

I was officially being asked to be a bridesmaid! I, of course, said yes.

Later, I told the bride that I'm excited to be part of the special day, but just don't make me wear anything ugly. To which she replied that we get to pick our own dresses! Yes!

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