One of the most popular topics of conversation in Sioux Falls is "What does Sioux Falls not have?"

You know, like what stores does Sioux Falls need? People have been pining for Whole Foods or Trader Joe's for the twenty years I've lived here.

Sure, people often wish for a big-time professional sports team, like an NFL team. But the best way to start a conversation with a Sioux Falls person is to talk about restaurants.

Which restaurants downtown are the best? Where are the new and exciting eateries? And the biggest question of all: What restaurants is Sioux Falls missing?

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The usual suspects always come up; PF Changs, In and Out, Dunkin. As a Nebraska native, I am required by law and tradition to suggest Runza, the best regional quick-service restaurant in the country (sorry Whataburger, it's just facts).

But, I also have come up with the best suggestion yet! An idea that would set off a culinary revolution in the Sioux Empire.

Sioux Falls is in dire need of a New York Fries.

For the uninitiated, New York Fries is a Canadian-based fast-food restaurant that specializes in, possibly the most delicious food ever invented: Poutine!

Poutine is a simple, but wonderful, dish. It starts with french fries, then cheese curds, and finally beef gravy! Your mouth's watering already isn't it? From there you can add all sorts of toppings, like bacon, or pulled pork.

Plus, since they're fry-based, the menu is full of other versions of smothered fries, like nacho-style or chili.

There's also hot dogs and stuff, but NYF's raison d'etre (get it? French, Canada?) is french fries covered in something. How can one go wrong there?

new york fries

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I discovered New York Fries when I visited family in Canada in the 90s. I was hooked! So much so that 30 years later I still tell the story of discovering NYF and poutine, much to the annoyance of my wife and kids.

But it is so good!!! NYF cuts out all the unnecessary stuff from a fast food menu and just gives me what I want, FRIES and SAUCE.

Oddly enough, while it is basically as Canadian as Tim Hortons or Harvey's, New York Fries started as a food stand in New York City in the early 1980s. By the end of the decade, they were expanding all over the Great White North.

There are locations outside of Canada, mostly in Asia and the Middle East. However, the company has been expanding to the States in recent years. Mostly on the east coast, so far.

So, if you want to liven up the "What is Sioux Falls Missing?" discussion, throw New Your Fries into the ring.


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Here's a list of several of our favorite Sioux Falls restaurants that have closed. Oh, we know there are many more. If we missed your favorite, make sure you send us a message or check out this story on our Facebook page and comment.

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Gallery Credit: Karla Brown / Townsquare Media


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