Have you ever wondered what one of the MCU Spider-Man movies would look like if they starred Tobey Maguire instead of Tom Holland? Wonder no more! Now we know: They would look extremely convincing, and extremely disturbing.

A new deepfake video appeared online this week. It’s the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, with Holland’s face swapped out for Maguire. The effect isn’t quite as convincing as some of the other deepfakes I’ve seen — the ones where Bill Hader turns into the people he’s imitating are downright disturbing — but there are a few very impressive/terrifying shots.

Take a look:

What a world this will be, when these deepfakes make it impossible to distinguish artificial video from legitimate truth. But hey: We’ll get to see what it would look like if Tobey Maguire was in The Avengers! That’s got to be a net win for society, right? By the way, if you want to see Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters, it’s got a new Extended Cut, including an all-new action sequence, playing in multiplexes this weekend. It still stars Tom Holland, though.

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