A lot of us are familiar with the term 'basic' more or less by now, thanks to social media.

But have you wondered which states rank where when compared to another in the US?

Of course, I naturally think of California, New York, and Florida. But I was curious as to where our state of South Dakota would end up raking within this comparison.

The website JOYBIRD compiled data that is based on cumulative search volume which then gave them  the following results:

JOYBIRD 'Basic' US Data Reults

South Dakota as it turns out, was towards the bottom of this 'basic' list.

We came in 47th place followed by Vermont in 48th, Montana,  Alaska, and Wyoming respectively. Oddly enough, this website included the District of Columbia as its own state making the total list out of 51 states.

The most 'basic' searched for item in SD was the game Candy Crush. Gosh, when was the last time you heard of that game huh?

And overall, the most searched for 'basic' item hands down across the country was the hit sitcom 'Friends.'


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