Completionists are going to hate this story, sorry guys.

I was on a trip to Minneapolis, MN and one of the friends I was with said we should go out to eat at this place called 'Betty Danger's Country Club.'

Sure it's just a place to eat right? Boy was I wrong in that quick assumption.

Betty Danger's is one of the most unique restaurants I have ever been to. With its unique brand story of their mascot, lime green, and pink color palette, outdoor Ferris wheel, and a mini-golf course that is impossible to complete.

Restaurant patrons can decide to either play before or after their meal with the various holes placed throughout the restaurant.

But the most cleverly hidden hole is the last hole that is actually placed on the top of the building.

Which mind you, can only be seen from the point of view on top of the Ferris wheel.

Taneil Johnsn TSM
Taneil Johnsn TSM

Of course, you can't just throw a golf ball from a moving Ferris wheel seat to try and make the final hole unless you're wanting to participate in poor sportsmanship.

Thus, this mini-golf course can never be completed by the player.

However, the view from the top of the Farris wheel is amazing though as you can see the cityscape of the Twin Cities it's just beautiful.

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