If your Christmas plans include a trip to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota don't miss the Holiday Express!

If you've vacationed in 'The Hills' through the years you're probably familiar with the historic 1880 Train in Hill City. In fact, you may very well have taken a ride through the beautiful scenery. Well, as if by Christmas magic, over the holiday's the train is transformed into...

The Holiday Express!

Yes, you can take a magical ride all the way from South Dakota to the North Pole!

What, you don't believe you really go to the North Pole? Well let me ask you, do you believe in Santa Claus? If you do, then yes, you go to the North Pole. If you don't...bah humbug!

There are still trips available through December 23rd, get all the information you need here at the 1880 Train website.

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